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We manage fresh, local produce ex curly kale, tuscan kale, romaine, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, celery, potatoes, eggs and a lot more.

Just call and make a reservation of what you need at 096 634 8752

As a local, family own business, it not just what we do that counts, or as a retailer it is not just about the products that we sell. How we run our business is just as important, Since we have start, we have been conduct our business in a fair, honest local support and responsible way, respecting our customers, suppliers and team members.
samui health shop organic
Organic Farming


Most people only ever see the coastal areas of Samui, but the interior of the island is totally covered in green. Once you leave the orbit of the ring-road and head inland, everything changes. Far fewer hotels, bars and restaurants. Far fewer people. It’s a green and silent world and it’s one where agriculture still reigns supreme. For all its emphasis on catering to tourists, Samui has always prided itself on its agricultural know-how. For generations, fishing and farming

have been crucial to the economy. The island is carpeted from one end to the other in palms; take away the ring-road and the towns and Samui is one vast plantation, with a million coconuts harvested per year. Farming remains crucial - go to any of the local markets here and you'll see an abundance of different fruits and vegetables, sustaining the island’s population and keeping it healthy. Farming here follows time-honoured traditions, but farmers are starting to embrace variations in how they produce their goods. Hydroponics is slowly gaining popularity, and now it’s the turn of organic farming.


Dimitri Waring, 2015

samui health shop organic
Local support


have as well as spreading the word about what they were doing. Soon more people started placing orders, and this in turn encouraged the group to keep on going.After Lamphu team met the local organic group on 2013, our team start to support them every way we can, buy what they

“It’s a difficult business to be in as they have to compete with cheaper prices and it’s difficult to find markets. Added to this there’s the fact that not so many people

know about organic food in Thailand. It’s been a bit slow to catch on, though that situation is changing.


Another solution fo the local farmer is to place an order in advance, subscription-based. We believe that bringing delicious fresh organic produce to your home is not only delivering good health to you and your family, but also contributes back to the farmers by giving them a chance to grow their organic produce into a fairer and more sustainable way, helping to generate more stable income to support their families and a better quality of life.


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From farm to table


Anyone who likes to garden and grow their own food will tell that the results are satisfying to the gardener’s soul as well as the plate. The flavors of food harvested the same day have a taste that is at the peak of freshness. Since we have start working with the locals, we start to bring more and more fresh grown to our dishes. We believe that there are countless benefits, including better tasting food, more humane practices and support of local farmers.


Sourcing everything locally, from so many different farmers is a lot more trouble, it’s a lot more expensive than just buying from one big, non-local provider, But sice we are a friends of people growing food, We would rather share our profit with them. And for sure, we will continue support them as best as we can.




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Local Produce
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