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What inspired two young Thai professionals give up their corporate careers for an island lifestyle?


There are lots of shades of green, Best readily admits and Lamphu does not only offer organic goods. “I can help people who have various standards or who are price sensitive to make the best decision. Some organic products are still overpriced because they are rare. There are many fashion trends which are often a kind of ‘green-washing’ and businesses take advantage of ignorance. We hope we can help to be a source of knowledge and share our passion for a healthy lifestyle.”


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Pastures New

Organic farming comes to Samui.


You'll probably never suspect that agriculture plays such an important role on Samui. You'll come here and leave again without ever realising. Lying on the beach, lazing by the swimming pool, visiting the shops, going to parties – that's what Samui's all about, isn't it? It's a holiday destination, and its businesses are all centred around helping holidaymakers to have a good time. But this is only a part of the story.

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GREEN credentials

Located diagonally across the road from Tesco Lotus in Lamai, you will discover a true treasure trove of healthy and organic products, a one-stop health shop for all your needs. The small shop front belies the sheer number and range of products available inside, as well as a hidden gem of a cafe which offers home-cooked healthy food and fresh organic juices.

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